Xiaomi Reveals MIUI 8 Stable Version Release Date

Xiaomi has been developing MIUI 8 for some time now and it is still in beta version without any information on when it will be available publicly. Today, Xiaomi announced that the MIUI 8 stable version is planned for public release in August, without announcing an exact date though.

But before the official release of MIUI 8, Xiaomi will push out MIUI 7.5 V1 that will contain some new features found on MIUI 8 such as Xiaomi Mi5 app lock, new input method etc. MIUI 7.5 will begin the roll-out on June 29 at 11.00 and will be available to those using a stable version of MIUI only. So, if any of you have installed the developer version of MIUI and you want to have a taste of MIUI 7.5, you have to install a stable version first.

MIUI official also answered a number of hot issues in this version, such as:

Regarding the Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4 Unicom version that when you add a second SIM card, the first SIM card operates in 2G only.
The three-finger swipe to take a screenshot has been launched for trial and it is coming soon to developer versions.
In the “Buyers’ Protection Plan”, if the price of a device drops within 7 days after your purchase, you will be refunded the price difference.