Xiaomi Redmi Pro: All Official Images of The Dual Camera Flagship

Today is a big day for Xiaomi and their fans. The company is launching their first PC, the much awaited Mi Notebook and their first dual-camera phone, the Redmi Pro. Our focus is however on the Redmi Pro.

We have got a bunch of official photos which we want you to feast your eyes on and dissect with us.

The Redmi Pro is all shades of gorgeous. It appears to be narrower and taller than the Redmi Note 3, looking more like the HTC 10. Xiaomi has removed the speaker from the back and put it at the base flanking the USB Type-C port (this is new for the redmi series) on both sides. The button placements are the same though: volume rocker at the top and the power button below so your hand can easily reach it.

The top part of the Redmi Pro still features a 3.5mm audio jack, a noise-cancelling microphone and an IR blaster.

The most important change is the replacement of the fingerprint scanner which usually sits below the LED flash with a second camera. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the front. This might be a deal breaker for some folks who prefer having it at the back. It will actually take time to get used to especially if you are switching from the Redmi 3 series. We believe the fingerprint scanner also doubles as a physical button. It also seems Xiaomi has ditched the back and recent apps button or maybe just redesigned them as dots like it is on the Mi 5.

These pictures are of the grey and silver version but there’s a third gold version as well.