Xiaomi Notebook rumored to be delayed until H2 2016

This year Xiaomi turns 6 years old, as it was founded back in 2010. So, this milestone has to be accompanied by a new product category and Xiaomi has some in the works as rumors (which most of the times become reality) say.

Apart from the Xiaomi Drone that we told you about here, another rumor had emerged in the past, claiming that a notebook is coming as well. This device was supposed to be announced in the 2nd Quarter of this year.

New information, say that the release is going to be postponed, as Xiaomi has decided to release it in the 2nd half of the year. Whether that means 3d or 4th Quarter is not clarified.

The reason behind the decision seems to be its support. The company wants to offer not only an excellent product but good after sales support as well, so it reportedly postponed the announcement in order to better organize the after sales department ahead of the launch.

The rumored device is said to sport a 12.5″ display, probably of a very high resolution, judging from the Mi Pad, Windows 10 and Intel i7 with 8GB RAM. None of these specs have been confirmed by anyone so all is speculated. The only thing that’s for sure, is that its price is going to be quite affordable compared to other same category devices.