X-Men themed LG X phones coming soon to Europe and the Americas

Superheroes dominate the movie theaters and soon they will conquer mobile phones as well. LG is cross-promoting its X-series of phones with the new X-Men movies. These “themed” phones will launch in July for Europe, the US and Latin America.

The two new phones from yesterday – LG X Power and LG X Style – are linked to Professor X (“Long Lasting Power”) and Mystique (“Fabulously Flawless Looks”) respectively.

The first duo – LG X Cam and LG X Screen – are Cyclops (“Extraordinary vision”) and Nightcrawler (“Agile and Swift”).

Then there are two phones that haven’t even been announced yet – LG X Max and LG X Mach. Their inner heroes are Beast (“Big Beauty”) and Quicksilver (“Extreme Super Speed”).

We can safely guess that the X Max will be a large-screened phablet. The X Mach is tougher – fast processor or fast camera (e.g. high-fps slow-motion to capture fast moving things, like Quicksilver).