Which is the Best Smartphone for Games 2016

If you are interested in gaming, then one of the things that you will definitely need is a good smartphone with some additional features for enhancing the gaming experience. In this article, we take a look at some of the top smartphones that are the best for gaming and try to ascertain which one might be the best of the lot.

Top Smartphones for Gaming in 2016

As many are aware, the market these days is flooded with different varieties of smartphones. From iPhones to Samsung models, the list is endless. However, not all phones are suited for superior gaming. In this segment, we go over some of the best models that the industry has to offer in terms of gaming. These are:

Best Gaming Smartphone 2016: #1 Samsung Galaxy S7

Arguably one of the most anticipated smartphones in the industry, the Samsung Galaxy S7 promises to be the best gaming smartphone in 2016. With a 4 GB RAM, it is designed to support elaborate games and since rumors have it that the model is supposed to have a 3.5 GHz processing power, it also boasts of the highest gaming speeds in the smartphone industry. The phone is expected to have a super AMOLED screen that offers high definition viewing and along with the other features that it is expected to have, this can truly spark a gaming revolution in the market.

Best Gaming Smartphone 2016: #2 Apple iPhone 7

Slated to have a September release, the iPhone7 promises to be one of the more popular smartphone in 2016. The phone comes with a 2GB RAM and an LED screen. The design is such that the phone is to be slimmer than the models that have already been released. While this might be good for the convenience factor, it is not an optimal environment for gaming. With a lower RAM than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and an LED screen which is inferior to the AMOLED- based screen, the model is not one of the best ones for gaming. Although it has some good features, the battery life and other specs of the Samsung S7 are far superior and can enhance the gaming experience exponentially.

Best Gaming Smartphone 2016: #3 LG G5

The last model that we look at today when it comes to 2016 gaming smartphones is the LG G5. The model is purported to be enhanced with a Snapdragon 820 processor that can go a long way in preventing phones from lagging or freezing. This is a great feature for gamers to take advantage of and since it is designed with the 801 pixels per inch density display feature, the LG G5 is truly a phone that one should watch out for. With a 3GB RAM that is an upgrade from the iPhone version, the phone is a good buy if you are looking to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Concluding Opinions

When it comes to gaming smartphones, the Samsung S7 takes the cake. Leaving competing models like the LG G5 or Xiaomi Mi6 behind, this phone is a definite dream come true for avid gaming enthusiasts. While the LG model is not as advanced as the Samsung one, it too can grant a good gaming experience. The S7, iPhone 7 and LG G5 are undoubtedly at the top of the game when it comes to the best smartphone for games in 2016.