Visa Reveals Prototype Of NFC Sunglasses That Can Make Payments

Visa revealed a prototype of a pair of NFC-enabled sunglasses at SXSW. The glasses can be used to make payments in the same way as apps like Apple Pay. Each pair is connected to a Visa account.

When you want to make a purchase, you’ll just tap the glasses against an NFC-ready payment terminal. You don’t need to worry with swiping a card or entering a pin.

It ties back to our tagline of everywhere you want to be. Without it it’s hard for us to fulfill our tagline. Our view is we take form factors that you don’t expect to be payment-enabled like sunglasses or maybe like a ring and expose to the market that maybe it can be.
– Chris Curtin, Visa

For now, Visa isn’t opening up sales of the device, but it is testing them at SXSW.