Vernee Thor 4th OTA Update Released

It’s official: Vernee is a company that is taking software support very seriously. Proof is the constant OTA updates it is delivering to its devices that keep optimizing performance and adding features. This time, we have another OTA update for the Vernee Thor. It’s been just over three months since Thor – the first product of Vernee reached the market for sale. And Vernee keeps its promise to push out ongoing OTA updates to ensure the best user experience and earn the trust of its customers.

So far, Vernee has pushed three OTA updates already. And the fourth has been pushed out on July 29th. Below are the main optimizations and fixes of this update:
1. Enhanced data transfer speed via USB to PC and optimized transfer stability
2. Fix: After changing the system language, the default language of lock-screen interface is English
3. Optimized the touch algorithm of the screen
4. Improved the sensitivity and stability of the proximity sensor

For more info on the Vernee Thor, you can check out our review and the official product page.