Upcoming Apple Handsets To Be Called iPhone 6 SE And 6 SE Plus

Many things are known about the upcoming iPhone devices, but nothing is yet confirmed and as always, some things are not true. According to latest details, Apple might not announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but the iPhone 6 SE, which was confirmed by leaked retail box.

If you ask us, it seems unlikely that Apple will call its next-gen smartphone lineup iPhone 6 SE and iPhone 6 SE Plus, but everything is possible. The box images may have been Photoshopped, but the person who allegedly has the phone in his hands was able to run Geekbench on it, and prove that the phone is indeed iPhone 6 SE.

For comparison, the iPhone 6s scores around 4,400 points in multi- and 2,500 in the single-core tests, while the iPhone 6 SE scored 5,210 and 3,042, respectively, thanks to the new Apple A10 chipset.