'Toxic' Content Will Be Removed By Google In Vietnam

Google is seemingly going to work with Vietnam to make sure the country’s laws are enforced online. As such, it’ll cooperate with the Asian nation to get rid of “toxic” content, which presumably means removing things the rest of the world doesn’t consider an issue.

Vietnam mentioned its concern about some of the content on Facebook and YouTube earlier this year. It has also taken a fairly harsh stance towards dissent among citizens.

Mr. Eric Schmidt said (he) will tightly cooperate with Vietnam to remove toxic information violating Vietnamese laws and will consider opening a representative office in the country,
– Vietnam

Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt told Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Prime Minister, that the company was willing to cooperate.

Google’s statement on the matter wasn’t quite as clear. It only said it’d review complaints from governments, without saying if content deemed “toxic” by the Vietnamese government would always be taken down.