Which smartphone has the best camera 2016

Smartphone technology is advancing in every angle with the camera being one of the features that the manufacturers have kept working on over time. Accuracy, contrast and clarity are some of the most important things that you consider when selecting a smartphone camera. Below are some of the top rated smartphone cameras of 2016;

Best Phone Camera 2016 #1 iPhone 6s Plus

This is a 12MP camera with 1.22 micron-pixels. It captures bright, colorful images with clear details and high contrasts. It can accurately capture skin tones even when in low lights. With its optical image stabilization and the new live photos feature, you can get sharp pictures with a glimpse of movement before each shot or in the movement. This camera takes the overall lead in the best smartphone camera 2016.

Best Phone Camera 2016 #2 Google Nexus 6P

With its 12.3 MP sensor and 1.55 micron pixels, this camera allows in more light enabling you to make sharp & vibrant shots. Its large megapixels is what allows it to capture details even in low light making it one of the best- beating both the LG G4 & the Galaxy Note 5. This is the best android camera for 2016.

Best SmartPhone Camera 2016 #3 HTC Desire Eye

For many individuals, images taken using the front camera are as important as those taken with the back camera and HTC is the first one to appreciate this. The Desire Eye comes with 13MP cameras on both the front and the back. The front camera has an extra 22mm lens that makes the selfies look great. Its high resolution also enables you to crop into the picture and still remain with a high resolution picture. This camera is perfect for selfies.

Best SmartPhone Camera 2016 #4 Samsung galaxy S6 Edge plus & galaxy note 5

These two are great for shooting videos. They can shoot videos at a resolution of up to 4K and they capture audio very well. For movies, you can get optical image stabilization at 1080p & below. The most recent generation of the galaxy phones have an inbuilt live streaming to YouTube so you do not need a separate app.

Best SmartPhone Camera 2016 #5 iPhone 6 plus

Its greatest feature is the fast phase detection autofocus (referred to as the focus pixels). Immediately you direct the camera at something or someone, you will instantly see sharp images. When under low light, it still captures even fine details and this is where it even beats its close competitors like the Samsung galaxy S6. Its face detection feature is also great and can recognize minor details even in low light. It is the best action camera.

Best SmartPhone Camera 2016 #6 Samsung galaxy S6 Active

This camera is the best when it comes to shooting pictures in not only outdoors but also underwater. In fact, it can survive being carried around and even being submerged for up to 30 minutes. The volume of buttons in this camera serve as the triggers for its shutter enabling you to shoot with physical keys. It is the best camera for capturing active lifestyle.

Best SmartPhone Camera 2016 #6 Sony Xperia Z5

Sony has always been at the top when it comes to photography. The images you capture even under dim lights are always bright. The Z5 does not even need a flash to capture great images in dim conditions. Its 23 MP sensor beautifully captures colors as well as both major & minor details.