Best Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016

As people age, there are a few changes that occur to their bodies. For example, both the hearing ability and eyesight might suffer a decline as age progresses. For this reason, various smartphones companies have designed some of their devices with the seniors and elderly in mind. As such, these people do not have to struggle with confusing options and settings when using their device to make calls, send texts, or take pictures. And the best part is that they do not have to switch to those clumpy devices with awkwardly large buttons. Rather, they still have an opportunity to own a sleek smartphone that provide equally suitable features while also offering some class.

So, are you looking for the best smartphones for seniors and elderly 2016? Here is our collection of the top five best ones you can choose from.

Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016 #1 iPhone 6 Plus

This is perhaps the best smartphone for seniors 2016 mainly due to a few selected key features it offers. With a 5.5-inch display that also has an adjustable background light, this phone offers a bright, large field of view that’s suitable for seniors with declining eyesight. Besides, the phone has high, clear sound that’s ideal for people with hearing issues- this allows them to hear it any time their smartphone rings. iPhone 6 Plus also comes with an excellent camera that’s capable of producing high-quality pictures even in low-light environments. You can also register your device which helps you track it in the event of a loss. The fingerprint reader added by Apple can also be of great help especially if you’re struggling to recall your passwords. All these features make this device a perfect fit for seniors and the elderly.

Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016 #2 Nokia Lumia 1520

This is another great smartphone seniors will find easy to use and operate. The device comes with a generous 6-inch screen that is also anti-glare. As such, it offers an ample display area that makes it easy for seniors with eyesight problems to see everything without straining. Besides, the anti-glare capability is vital as it facilitates easy reading when in a space with excessive lighting or sunlight. Lumia 1520 also produces highly-tuned sound that’s crucial for the elderly with hearing problems. The device’s dual flash camera is also suitable for the seniors as it can capture excellent shots even in dimly lit areas.

Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016 #3 Samsung Galaxy S4

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Galaxy S4, and which seniors will love, is the sharp display with which it comes. S4 has some of the best graphics you’ll find on any smartphone today which makes clearer and thus ideal for the elderly struggling with eyesight issues. Besides, this device produces an incredibly high-quality sound while also offering you ample internal storage that you can use to store your favorite music, e-books, and all other files. It’s also cheaper compared to the newer versions in the Galaxy series.

Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016 #4 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This is another great phone that offers amazing features and which would suit you if you do not want something so complicated. One of the best features of this device is the Easy Mode. This feature helps to automatically boost the size of its app icons, fonts while messaging, numbers as they appear on the dial pad, etc. Besides, while on Easy Mode, Note 4 trims down any unnecessary features leaving you with only the critical apps and features (or as you’d prefer through personalization). For example, it eliminates various cluttering camera’s settings to leave you with only those you critically need such as flash mode and HDR options.

Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016 #5 LG G2 Verizon

Coming with a wide screen of 5.2 inches, LG G2 Verizon offers an ample display for the elderly who might be having issues with their declining eyesight. The size is also perfect for those who’d like to avoid overly bulky gadgets. Besides, it also comes with a non-slippery body which might also be vital for seniors looking for something they can hold comfortably while on the hand. The device also includes numerous premium features such as a seamless quad core processor and an excellent camera with flash.


There you have it- a list of top smartphones you might want to consider when shopping for the best smartphones for the elderly and seniors in 2016. Today’s senior do not have to own “old-school” devices as we’ve always been meant to believe. Rather, they can still own sleek gadgets- only that these smartphones need to be easy to use while also taking into consideration specific requirements as demanded by aging people.