Best Graphic Card For Design 2016

Graphic cards have grown in popularity in the last several years as more people seek to enhance their computers’ performance in graphic design. These cards come with built-in graphic processors (GPU) that help turn data into displayed pixel without necessarily interfering with the functioning of computer’s main system memory. As such, graphics cards are required for high-intensive tasks such as processing digital photos, video-editing, 3D designing, etc.

So, which are some of the best graphic cards for designers in 2016? Here are our top three.

Best Graphic Card Fot Design 2016: NVidia GeForce GTX Titan X

This is arguably the best graphic card for design 2016 although that comes at a price. In fact, the card is tad expensive, coming with a hefty price tag of about $1000. It’s, however, worth every penny of it. Titan X sports 12 GB of dedicated RAM, an incredible 8 billion transistors, as well as over 3000 CUDA cores.

The card is built using energy-efficient Maxwell architecture and comes clocked at 1000 MHz, with a boost clock of 1075 MHz. Its RAM utilizes a 384-bit bus and is clocked at an admirable 7GBs. This graphic card operates extremely quietly even while under heavy load and is also relatively cool. Save for the steep price, everything else about the NVidia GeForce GTX Titan X is awesome which is why it’s undoubtedly the best graphic card any designer can acquire in 2016.

Best Graphic Card Fot Design 2016: NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti

NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti
This is perhaps the best graphic card that perfectly fills the price and performance gap found between the impressive GeForce GTX 980 and the incredibly powerful GeForce GTX Titan X. The card offers the closest graphic performance to that of Titan X, although at a cheaper price than the later. GTX 980 Ti comes with the GM200 Maxwell core that’s also found inside the powerful Titan X. Besides, it has 2816 stream processors that’s only 256 behind those of Titan X. It also includes 24 streaming multiprocessors as well as six graphic processing clusters. The GTX 980 Ti equals the 8 billion transistors found in Titan X while also recording clock and boost clocks of 1000MHz and 1075MHz respectively. However, this graphic card features a 6GB GDDR5 memory which is only half of what the Titan X sports but still very efficient when used for designing functions.

Best Graphic Card Fot Design 2016: NVidia GeForce GTX 980

This a DirectX 12-compatible card that employs Maxwell architecture. The card boasts 16 powerful execution units that come with over 2000 CUDA cores. It features a base clock of 1126 MHz while its boost clock is 1216 MHz. The GTX 980 sports a relatively sufficient 4GB of GDDR5 RAM, although that is restricted by the narrow 256-bit memory interface. This translates to a 244.5GBs which is comparatively lower than that of its predecessors, the GTX 780 as well as GTX 780 Ti. From a design perspective, the GTX 980 closely resembles the GTX 780 Ti in terms of length and size. However, the card is more efficient, quieter and cooler. Its great graphics performance and modest physical characteristics make it another great option for designers in 2016.


As technology continues to evolve, more advanced graphic cards for design are set to keep on getting released. It is for this reason that 2016 promises to become another great year for designers. Meanwhile, the post outlined the best GPUs you should consider purchasing this year for your design needs.