best action camera 2016

Action cameras are no longer a preserve of the few in the society and are thus becoming more popular by the day. Besides, they keep getting smaller and increasingly powerful in terms of resolution and frame rates. Typically, action cameras are meant to be used in rough environments which mean most come ruggedized and protected against various nature elements such as dust and water. Additionally, most of them offer ultra-wide viewing angles that help capture full experiences of pet antics, ski runs, snorkeling adventures and skateboarding among others.

So are you looking for the best action camera 2016? Here are our top choices based on key aspects such as waterproof capability, size (weight), and, of course, image/video quality.

Best Action Camera 2016: #1 GoPro Hero4 Silver

gopro hero 4 silver
When it comes to action cameras, nothing gives real competition to the GoPro brand, largely due to its best-in-class video quality. And presently, the Hero4 Silver is arguably the best all-around package that the company boasts of despite not being the most expensive in its product line. The camera’s best feature is perhaps its brilliant LCD that allows you to shoot and review your footage right on the spot. It also comes with a very convenient touch screen that offers you quick access to various settings instead of using buttons as is the case with most other cameras. Its image quality is 1080p and can record video up to 4K/UHD video (although it can only top out at 15fpd for this resolution level). The Hero4 Silver can comfortably record videos at 2.7K resolution at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps (best), and 720p at 120fps. The most notable downsides for this camera, however, include a somehow inadequate battery and the fact that it still needs a case for it to become fully waterproof. Overall, though, it’s an excellent action worth checking in 2016.

Best Action Camera 2016: #2 Kodak Pixpro SP1

This is one of the best cameras for extreme conditions 2016 and a great bargain as well. Despite going for close to half the price of GoPro’s Hero4 Silver, the Kodak Pixpro SP1 offers commendable image and video quality. Some of the most outstanding features you will love about the camera include its color LCD with a touchscreen which helps make framing shots and changing settings a lot easier than in other cameras. Besides, the Pixpro SP1 also doesn’t require a case for it to be waterproof, although it can only withstand up to a 33 feet depth. Its maximum video resolution is 1080p at 30fps while it weighs about 5.4 ounces.

Best Action Camera 2016: #3 Sony FDR-X 1000V

Sony FDR-X 1000V
This action camera by Sony is seen to be the tech giant’s response to the GoPro’s release of its Hero4 Black version. The camera can comfortably capture 4K video with stereo sound using a sensor and comes mounted with an ultra-wide Zeiss lens. The FDR-X 1000V can also capture high-quality still images using its 8.8MP capacity camera. In terms of waterproof capability, the camera can withstand up to 33 feet without a case. It also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi feature that allows you connect it to a live remote mounted on your wrist.


There you have it- a list of the top 3 best action cameras to consider in 2016. Check them out to determine which among them best suits your needs and budget.