The Samsung Galaxy Note 7: What to consider before pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a new one for Samsung themselves in so many ways. The device to be launched for sales in a few days to come is surely the most recent flagship of the brand but also, it is a first of many things for them. For one, the very pricey phablet would mark the first time when Samsung would provide the market with a curved screen device and not give them a flat screen meal on the side. For another, it is the very huge price that has been slapped on the device which doesn’t say anything else more than that this is not for everyone, but for those with really deep pockets.

For a smartphone that packs some of the greatest specs, comes with a stylus pen and other nice additives and even, pays homage to the best smartphone designs ever seen, a $850 price tag is still a big step but somehow, Samsung are confident that they are going to make more than enough sales on this and get a huge return on their investment.

Great news though is that the device comes with freebies for those that grab the device early and for those who would be purchasing from carriers, be sure to have something chipped in there to make you not feel ripped off.

For some, the freebie is a massive 256GB memory card while in other cases, it is either you get a Gear Fit2 or a gift card that could be worth up to $150 from Sam’s Club. Whatever you do, make sure you get your choice right before you preorder against the August 19 launch date.