Best Durable Smartphones 2016

Smartphones are often best known for their sleek designs, cutting-edge technology and a host of exciting features. In most cases, such benefits come at the expense of fragility. Most smartphone users know their devices to be delicate and fragile. They accept such delicateness as a necessary compromise to enjoy the other exciting features.

However, there are certain smartphones manufacturers who do not compromise on durability. They build their smartphones to be rugged, robust and capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. Anyone interested in buying a durable smartphone in 2018 definitely needs to know about the devices.

To simplify the shopping process, we have compiled a list of the most durable smartphones for 2018. Some of these were unveiled during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Others are expected to come during the course of the year. For completion, we’ve listed a few devices which were already in the market since last year. Here is a list of the most durable smartphones for 2018.

Best Durable Smartphones 2018: #1 Kyocera DuraForce XD

Kyocera has built a solid reputation for producing smartphones which can stand the most extreme conditions. Its flagship devices like the Kyocera Brigadier have set the standard for ruggedness for a while now.

Well, Kyocera is back at it again. At the 2018 CES, it unveiled two super-robust smartphones. The more robust of them is the Kyocera DuraForce XD. This device is built to withstand the most extreme elements including water, wind and dust.

The phone has an IP68 certification. This means that it can survive being submerged in more than 1.8 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. The phone also has a Military Standard 810G certification. This means that it can withstand dust, falls, vibrations and shocks. Basically, the phone is built to withstand the most extreme conditions.

However, the DuraForce XD isn’t all about robustness. It has a 5.7” display which responds to touch even when wet or someone is wearing gloves. It is also powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor; has a durable 3,700 mAh battery, is 4G LTE capable and features the Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPPT) which makes it function like a walkie-talkie. Essentially, the Kyocera DuraForce XD is a great phone with an almost super-human build.

Best Durable Smartphones 2018: #2 Kyocera DuraXE

Unveiled on January 4th, 2018, the DuraXE is another of Kyocera’s extreme condition devices introduced this year. Like its cousin – the DuraForce XD, this device is also IP68 certified. This means that it can withstand immersion in 1.8 meters of water for 30 minutes without getting damaged.

The DuraXE is also Military Standard 810G certified. This means that it has inbuilt protection against dust, extreme temperatures, blowing rain, low pressure, solar radiation, humidity and salt fog. This certification also means that the phone can withstand shock, vibration and falls.

This phone is also certified to work perfectly in environments where vapors, flammable gases or mists aren’t normally present, but can materialize suddenly. In a nutshell, DuraXE is built to survive in the most extreme of conditions.

Beyond toughness, the phone has some decent specs. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 Quad-Core processor; it has 1GB RAM and an expandable memory of up to 32GB. It also has a 5MP camera, a long lasting battery and 4G LTE support. In a nutshell, it offers some reasonable specs on top of its supreme robustness.

Best Durable Smartphones 2018: #3 Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was released in June 2015, it surprised critics with its ruggedness. Given that Galaxy S phones are best known for their cutting-edge innovation, nobody quite expected the S6 Active’s ruggedness.

That didn’t stop Samsung from packing the S6 Active with extreme specs for durability. The phone was both IP68 and MS 810G certified. This means that it was built to withstand moisture, dust, shocks, vibrations and survive immersion in 1.8 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Galaxy S7 Active, which is widely expected to be released in June 2016, is expected to continue the tradition of robustness. In fact, most people expect it to go one-step further – with a higher SPF rating. This means that it will be able to withstand immersion in up-to 3 meters of water for 30 minutes. Critically, users of the S7 Active will be able to carry out underwater cinematography.

The S7 Active’s robustness will likely arise from the Corning Gorilla 4 Glass casing with which it will be housed. This will make it dustproof, resistant to extreme pressure changes and adaptable to extreme temperatures. The phone will also be shock-proof and vibration resistant.

Beyond sheer ruggedness, the S7 Active is also expected to have some amazing specs. The phone is expected to run on Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.3 GHz processor, have 4GB RAM, a 19MP camera, a fingerprint scanner, 4G LTE capability, super-fast charging, wireless charging and a 5.2” display with a 3480 x 2160 screen resolution.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will offer some amazing specs on top of extreme ruggedness. Although no date has been set for its release yet, the Galaxy S7 Active is widely expected to be unveiled in June 2018.

Best Durable Smartphones 2018: #4 Sony Xperia Z6

In November 2015, Sony was forced to make a startling (and frankly embarrassing) admission. After having passed off the Xperia Z5 as IP68 certified, the company was forced to admit that the device isn’t actually waterproof. This earned the company a lot of stick from both critics and Z5 users. The company’s brand was also somewhat hit.

According to sources within the company, Sony intends to make a spectacular return with the Z5’s successor – the Xperia Z6. The device – which is widely expected to be released in the second-half of 2018 – will not just have an IP68, but will live up to the expectation.

As a result, the Xperia Z6 will be capable of immersion in 1.8 meters of water for 30 minutes without any damage. This will come thanks to a Corning Gorrilla Glass 3 encasing which the phone will be covered in.

This encasing will make the Z6 not just waterproof, but also dustproof and scratch resistant. It will also make the phone capable of withstanding extreme temperature changes, vibrations and shocks. Basically, it will make the Z6 one of the best upcoming phones for extreme conditions in 2018.

However, robustness isn’t the only thing Z6 users will enjoy. The phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, have 4GB memory, a 23MP camera, a 5.2” screen with 4K display and run on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Basically, the Sony Xperia Z6 will be a high end phone with a rugged side.

In a nutshell, those are the four most durable smartphones for extreme conditions in 2018. The four are devices either released or scheduled for release in 2018. However, they are by no means the only durable smartphones on the market. Other top rugged smartphones include the Kyocera Brigadier, Caterpillar CAT S30, Sonim XP7 and Casio G’Zone Commando 4G LTE.

Therefore, in case you are shopping for a durable smartphone, then kindly check out any of the above devices. Also, as more of the best upcoming smartphones for extreme conditions in 2018 are unveiled, we shall be updating this page with the latest info. So, to keep in the loop, keep revisiting this page. Cheers!