Taiwan Authorities Request a Ban of Pokemon Go

It’s not just Singapore, Taiwan has also requested for Pokemon Go Devs to make the highways off limits for this new Nintendo game. Since it’s launch, over 1,200 drivers were caught playing whilst driving.

The government is coming to terms and trying to deal with how popular the app is becoming, which has resulted in road accidents as players try to hunt for these virtual characters in real life.

The National Freeway Bureau commented on Wednesday that is has told and formally requested for the game creator Niantic to put the island`s motorways off limits.

“We have asked them not to place any Pokemon treasures in areas surrounding highways,” Chen Ting-tsai, a bureau spokesman said. He also further commented, “we have asked the highways police to increase patrols here and discourage drivers from halting suddenly or decelerating.”

If a driver is caught using their phone whilst on the road, they have to pay Tw$3,000 and motorcyclist on the other hand, need to pay Tw$1,000.