Sony Xperea Z6 Release Date, Price, Review, Features, Rumors, News and Specs

The release date for the latest Sony Xperia Z6 is already knocking the door. Yes! Sony current smartphone Xperia Z5 might be only a few months old, but the company insatiable need to capture the market with yet another device will give its competitors sleepless nights.

The Sony Xperia Z6 is already on the horizon and is expected to compete with the likes of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 in the race for 2016 smartphone market supremacy. The Xperia Z6 looks to have minimal updates, but the refreshed designs seem to be its stronghold. The Z6 hardware is not expected to have massive updates plus the screen quality, and the camera might not have significant advancement. However, the Sony Z6 will be about software upgrades and power.

Here is all you need to know about The Sony Xperia Z6, from rumors, features, release date, latest specs, reviews, and price.

Sony Xperia Z6 Specs


Design wise, “Sonyholic” people can expect something similar to its predecessor (Xperia Z5) since Sony has a trend of sticking to it recognizable square shape devices. We expect to see something quite different to bring a change but still maintain that unique Sony style. The waterproof feature is still likely to be present in this Xperia version.


It is likely that Sony will maintain the 5.2 inches screen size even in the Xperia Z6. The resolution for this Xperia is much harder to predict because of the firm’s reluctance to embrace the Quad HD model and opting to stick to the Full HD so far.

The Z6 may as well retain the 4K screen found on its predecessor Z5 premium, but many would have preferred this to be reserved for those people who prefer larger premium model. The Quad HD display will be perfect for the regular model.


It is widely projected that most high-end Android devices and smartphones will be fitted with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor, and Z6 is no exceptional. With that said, it’s rumored that Sony is about to follow Huawei, Apple, and Samsung in producing its customized processors for their smartphones.

We can bet with certainty that Xperia Z6 will have 3 to 4 GB of RAM and a 16/32 GB of storage. This might not seem much especially from a big phone maker firm like Sony, but the company has been known to offer a significant expandable storage via the Micro-SD card slot, and the feature will be retained for the X6.

Other notable features

sony xperea z6Z6 is set to retain the Fingerprint scanner in the home button, a feature that has been present in the Xperia range.

Sony smartphones have also been known to have long lasting batteries, and the new Z6 is likely to go a notch higher in increasing the battery holding capacity. It is also expected to have a wireless charging feature. With Z6 arriving in the course of this year, a reversible USB Type C is quite much a given.

The Z6 might be the first smartphone in the Z series to get a camera upgrade since Xperia Z1 that had a 23Mp camera. So, will Z6 have a camera upgrade? Maybe not as per the history, but Sony will likely make a notable improvement in this feature.

Regarding the software, Xperia Z6 is likely to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Sony Xperea Z6 Release Date

Sony is likely to continue with its six-month launch sequence meaning that the new Z6 will be launched early this year. The newest rumors claim that Sony will launch one of its phones in June and the other one in October. The source also reported the Sony may opt to release the entire Z6 family in mid-2016. This might be true keeping in mind that they release new device after every six months.

Price of Xperia Z6

The Z6 is obviously a serious flagship phone from a big-name firm. As such, don’t expect it to come cheap. It is far from launch, and thus Sony has yet held formal discussions about its pricing plans. Rumor has it that the Xperia will be priced in the range of $700-800. Although the full price list of Xperia Z6 will be released in the coming days.

That’s all we know about the Sony Xperia Z6 right now, but stay tuned to get the latest rumors, news, information and any other details that may come up regarding the Xperia Z6.