Sony Xperia XZ hits US, Netherlands and Germany

The Sony Xperia XZ is now available to purchase at major retailers in the Netherlands, priced predictably at €699. Sony Mobile’s online store in the country, on the other hand, refers you to carrier websites, where you can opt for a contract deal.

At the time of writing, the company’s other stores across Europe still have the smartphone in pre-order state. It may be worth investigating your local retailers, as there as at least one store in Germany that says it will ship the XZ in 2-4 days.

Meanwhile, in the US, Best Buy apparently has the smartphone in stock. At least that’s how we interpret the 1 business day shipping. Price in the US is $699. You can order it through Amazon as well, but that would mean waiting until October 12.

Other countries aren’t as lucky. The UK, for one is in an odd state, where the company store lists it as ‘out of stock’ but you can no longer pre-order. Amazon UK is still taking pre-orders with a shipping date set for October 18.