Sony Android Phones Crash The Least, Motorola Best For Updates

A report from Apteligent has laid out which Android device makers are best for reliability and which make updates available the fastest. Sony’s phones currently have the lowest crash rate and Motorola’s devices come in second. For updates, Motorola and Samsung are both doing well. Nexus phones receive updates faster than any other, of course.

Motorola’s lead in the area of update availability has dropped recently and Samsung is now releasing updates faster in some cases. It overtook Motorola in that category during June in the United States, whereas Motorola remains clearly ahead India.

Apteligent also provided some information about device fragmentation in different markets. It found Russia is the worst for fragmentation, with 230 different devices being used by 90% of the Android user population in the country. Russia’s most popular device is the Asus Zenfone 2. Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and China came in after Russia.