Samsung offers Note7 pre-bookers in India freebies for going with S7/S7 edge instead

Last couple of months haven’t been kind to Samsung but compared to all the hullabaloo happening in other parts of the world, Samsung got off relatively easy in India as it never really sold any Note7 units there, so there was nothing to recall or replace.

Still, there is this small matter of all the people who had pre-booked the phone by spending a small amount in advance. If you are one of those, Samsung has a plan for you.

For everyone who pre-booked the Note7 in India, the company is now offering the Galaxy S7 or the S7 edge instead. If you choose to go with either of these phones, you will be given a new Gear VR, Level U wireless stereo headset, and a $50 Oculus VR content voucher absolutely free. In addition to that you will also get one time screen replacement for free within 12 months of purchase.

However, should you choose not to go with either of these phones, you can also opt for a refund and the pre-booking amount you paid will be returned to you in full.

For what it’s worth, we think if you were interested in purchasing the Note7 then you should be perfectly happy with the S7 edge, sans the S Pen features (that nobody really uses past the first week anyway). If you think you are done with Samsung then the only big screen alternatives available to you in India at the high-end include the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus. Those are the best options available as of now. What you choose next is entirely up to you.