Samsung is adjusting Galaxy Note 7 production volume to conduct detailed inspections

It was reported earlier today that Samsung has temporarily halted production of the Galaxy Note 7 as its latest flagship has pushed it into damage control mode once again. The company didn’t officially confirm or deny that production had been stopped, but it has issued a statement which suggests that some changes have been made. Samsung has said that it’s adjusting production volumes for the Galaxy Note 7, its statement follows multiple reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7s exploding.

Without elaborating further, Samsung said that these adjustments have been made to the company to conduct detailed inspections and improve quality control. The company is yet to confirm if there’s a safety issue with the replacement Galaxy Note 7 as well and if that turns out to be the case it may have to issue another recall. Many are calling on Samsung to give up on the Galaxy Note 7 completely and just move on but so far there has been no indication that Samsung is willing to take such a major step. In an earlier statement the company said that it’s diligently working with consumer protection agencies to investigate the cause of these latest incidents.