Samsung Gear S3 sales target raised by 60%, report claims

Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 smartwatch at IFA at the end of last month, but the company’s latest wearable still isn’t on sale anywhere. That’s all going to change within a month, a new report seemingly originating from South Korea now claims.

The Gear S3 is due to become available by the end of October, “in most markets”. Samsung is reportedly very confident in its new watch, despite key competitor Apple having announced a new version of its wearable recently too.

Apparently Samsung has raised the sales target for the Gear S3 by 60% compared to the combined number of smartwatches and fitness bands it sold in the previous year. In actual numbers, this means the company expects to sell five million Gear S3 units, though it’s unclear in which exact time frame – perhaps throughout its life. For reference, Samsung sold 3.1 million wearables in total in the previous year.

The Gear S3 will come in “classic” and “frontier” flavors, the latter with built-in 4G LTE connectivity. Pricing is expected to be around the €400 mark, at least in Europe.