For whatever reasons, it seems that Samsung’s Keyboard application has some issues when used inside the stock email app on some Galaxy S smartphones. These issues started to appear only recently, so it’s unclear whether it’s because of an OS update that Samsung or it’s just something related to the app.

Reports of Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, and their edge counterparts, having typing issues increased in the last couple of days. The issues only affect the stock email application, so you’re safe if you’re using Gmail or another email app to check your messages.

The issues have been thoroughly described by some users, but we have been able to replicate it on our Samsung S6 handsets. Here is what’s happening for some users when they’re trying to type in the stock email app.

Whenever I try to type contractions like I’m it replaces the ‘ with ” and deletes any letters after automatically. It also changes words like autocorrect into aautocorret and three to ttree… Autoreplace, autocaps, autospace and autopunctuate are all turned off. I talked to support twice and had someone access my device remotely. Reset my keyboard settings and the issue is still present.

On top of that, double click period and capitalization functions are not working anymore. Some say that the issue only affects the Samsung Keyboard, so if you switch to Google Keyboard or SwiftKey, you should be ok.

If that’s accurate, then the issue lies within Samsung Keyboard app and has nothing to do with the stock email app. We’re waiting to see if Samsung squashes the bugs before these issues become widespread. Have you been affected by these typing problems yet?