Samsung Galaxy Note FE may not launch before the end of July

A couple of days ago a report from Samsung’s home of South Korea told us to expect the refurbished Galaxy Note7 units to make their debut over there on July 7, branded as Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition).

Today however a new revelation comes from unnamed industry sources, claiming that release date was way too optimistic. Once again, the culprit for Samsung not being able to make that is said to be a steep increase in demand (from Korean carriers, presumably) which meant the company will produce 450,000 units compared to the originally intended 300,000. Two days ago this has been said to have created a slight delay in the release of the Note FE, from June 30 to July 7.

Now though it’s been pushed even more, all the way to July 30. That’s exactly one month past the initial timeline, and not even this date is set in stone reportedly. Aside from the aforementioned issues in refurbishing the necessary amount of devices in time, there’s a different problem: the S8 duo is doing really well in the Korean market. Samsung is afraid that the Note FE will cannibalize some S8+ sales once it comes out, especially since it’s expected to be cheaper.

The Note FE will be identical to the recalled Note7, save for the battery capacity which has been reduced to 3,200 mAh from 3,500 mAh. The refurbished model should also have the Bixby feed of relevant stuff included, a feature which debuted on the S8.