Rumored iPhone 7 prices suggest storage will increase, price will stay the same

As the iPhone 7 family inches closer to announcement, more and more details are being finalized – and if this rumor is to be believed, the price has been set.

The prices come from a Chinese tipster and are in yuan. Converted to dollar equivalent, they seem pretty high but looking at the iPhone prices in China they pretty much match the current models.

For example, the cheapest option – 16GB iPhone 6s – is CNY 5,288 and the rumored price for the 32GB iPhone 7 is CNY 5,258. The top model – 128GB iPhone 6s Plus – is CNY 7,788 or just under the purported price of the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus or 128GB iPhone 7 Pro.

So, I expect the 256GB iPhone 7 Pro to be $1,050 in the US. Here are the Chinese prices and their US dollar values, but again, they should match up with the equivalent model from the current generation.