Possible Xiaomi product leaked: Tell a fairy tale

While smartphones take more than half a year to launch, Xiaomi is launching other smart products one after another, like the recent Mi Drone and Xiaomi LED lamps.

Xiaomi Smart Home account on Weibo released information about a new Xiaomi product that is going to launch on May 31st. Posted a picture of a little girl walking up a staircase into a fairy tale book and a caption saying “When you were young, your favorite fairy tale was_____.”

Our best guess is that the product will be about children, just as was the Mi Bunny watch that was released earlier this year and allowed the parents to call and locate their children and the children to send an SOS signal to their parents in case of an emergency. Maybe an e-paper reader for children with preloaded animated fairy tales? Or a device that could be used in schools for educational purposes?