OnePlus 3 Price will increase in the UK from next week

The referendum in Great Britain has shaken the global economy and as a consequence, it brought down the British Pound. What does that mean? Many foreign companies are based in the UK doing business all around the EU. One such company is OnePlus that has been receiving great pressure economically since it has tight profit margins.

To tell the truth, the company had warned the audience in the UK that the price increase is almost inevitable as the British Pound plummets. So, from July 11, the device will be sold for £329 instead of the £309 regular price. Ok, £20 is not a big deal but still, it is a bit disappointing for the British residents.

The same had happened some time ago in Russia, where many companies, among the Apple as well, had increased their prices as the Ruble had fallen so much that they were selling at a loss. Let’s hope everything goes well and the price returns to its original price soon.