Nico360 is a Tiny 360 camera that features live streaming

Buying a camera is a very trick question these days. We first had decent camera phones, but for action junkies, a smartphone camera wasn’t an ideal solution. This led to the birth and eventual growth of the action camera market. It’s time now, I think to look beyond action camera’s too and grace 360-degree cameras. With Virtual Reality going mainstream, there is a lot of requirement for good 360-degree content and devices.

The trouble with the current generation of 360 cameras has been that either they’ve been not really easy to use or have been very costly. However, Nico360 seems to have an answer to all. It is a tiny 360 camera and also supports live broadcasting.

Nico360 is listed on Indigogo as the world smallest 360 cameras and it does borrow some design inspiration from GoPro cameras. However, unlike the Ricoh Theta S and Samsung 360, it is much smaller and square in shape.

Nico360 is capable of recording 360 degree videos at 2K resolution at 30 FPS. It can record 360-degree videos at a resolution of 25 megapixels.It has two 16 MP spherical cameras mounted on either side of the body and buttons to power on/off the device, click images, switch modes from video to images is located on the left side of the body of the camera.

Nico360 comes with a 32GB on board storage and is capable or live streaming as well, making it a device to watch out for. It is compatible iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices and it comes with a 1400 mAh battery too.

An action camera should not just be compact and durable, it has to be waterproof too. The company claims that Nico360 is not just splash proof but waterproof too. On the pricing front, Nico360 will be available for $199. Early backers of the campaign can get the 360camera for $99 on the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.

For those looking for a 4K camera, the latest Xiaomi Yi camera that is priced at CNY 1,199 or $185 is a pretty good option.