New, unnammed Sony flagship could be the Xperia XR

Sony already stepped on a lot of toes with the release of their smartphones in the Xperia X line-up which didn’t make any ripple in the smartphone market waters at all and in this same year, they have managed to release the middle range Xperia E5 which surprisingly, was found to be a very great device at its range level and also brought their total tally for the year 2016 to five smartphones.

However, if new reports are anything to go by, they are still in the works over a possible device that we should see this year aso, and that could be the Sony Xperia XR.
Marked with the model number Xperia F8331, there has been no official name so far but with new renders now, we can surely play around with some of the specifications.

For one, the device would be a little larger than the Xperia X and the Xperia X Performance and it has a display that is around 5 inches. Not much more can be made out again but we do know a Type C USB cable would be in use here.
A front facing camera is seen and the back shooter is coupled with a dual LED flash system. Impressive, isn’t it? according to rumours, if his phone launches early enough, it would become the first to offer 4K video resolution.