Microsoft Now Discontinues Its Lumia Highlights App

Microsoft is slowly killing its Lumia brand. After the company accidentally confirmed end of support for Lumia handsets, pulled the Lumia lineup from the online store, it has now officially discontinued Lumia Highlights app, which won’t receive any new updates in the future.

Although there is no official confirmation that the Lumia brand is going to be discontinued, the increasing number of evidence suggest exactly that. The Lumia Highlights app allowed Lumia users to discover tips, news and relevant info about their device, but there won’t be any articles starting today.

After today, you will no longer see any new articles on this app. But it’s not a goodbye because there are still other ways to keep in touch. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And remember to subscribe to our newsletters to receive latest information, tips and offers from Microsoft Lumia in the future.