Meizu takes the wrapper off Flyme OS 6

Just as previously promised, Meizu held a conference today and announced a pair of new devices. The Chinese OEM also officially released the new 6th version of its Flyme OS.

That all sounds great, however, there is still shockingly little info on the new software. Even the basics, like the underlying Android version are still unclear. However, judging by the “Make 6 great again” slogan and a few leaked screenshots, we can only assume Marshmallow is running under the hood.

What we do know, however, is that Flyme OS 6 comes with a refreshed aesthetic, that users will be able to experience first-hand on the new Pro 6 Plus and M3X handsets. The update will be coming to some existing Meizu devices as well. The OEM just tweeted a full list of supported devices, which will coincide with the models eligible for the public release as well.

For said users, or at least the most impatient among them, the Flyme 6 experience must first go through a sign-up process for an open beta. From what we can gather, the beta will include a total of 6000 users, which will be picked from a pool of registered users. The sign-up process closes at 23:59 on December 10 and you can find the form at the source link below.

The Flyme community client appears to have gotten an update as well to reflect the new OS. Version 3.0 of the app appears to now be styled in a similar fashion to Flyme 6 itself.