Meizu MX6 Image teaser suggests ultra-powerful main camera

The Meizu MX6 smartphone, waiting to be launched later this month, precisely on July 19, is in the news for a good reason. The 5.5-inch device is said to pack a 12MP main camera unit at its back with a powerful Sony IMX286 sensor as revealed by AnTuTu listing.

Meizu’s VP Sales and Marketing, Li Nan took to Chinese social media site Weibo to share a picture that was allegedly shot using the MX6’s rear camera. The picture is a clear, crisp closeup shot of the beautiful feather of a peacock and the output is beyond outstanding. The quality of the image, apparently coming from the shutter of a 12MP camera gives cause for doubt.

More so, Meizu’s earlier devices like the MX4 and MX5 had always spotted a 20.7 MP rear camera unit which could be rated as just OK, and nothing spectacular. So it beats our imagination that MX6’s 12MP camera can deliver such a stunning shot.
Li Nan’s Weibo post

But then, it’s not an impossible accomplishment, after all some manufacturers like Elephone have ditched ramping up the pixels on their cameras instead gone for the option of providing a more powerful sensor for the camera and the results have been top notch.

The Meizu MX6’s Sony IMX286 sensor is the same with that on the Huawei P9 which has a 12MP rear camera setup, and whose dual camera has been its strongest selling point. Huawei has centered the device’s marketing around the camera quality. The Elephone P9000’s camera with a resolution of 13MP also sports this same Sony IMX286 sensor.

So it’s possible that the MX6’s sensor had done the magic and had given the device a wonderful camera. If that be the case, then we might just be looking at a device in a class of its own.

But then, the photo is coming from the hands of the VP, Sales and Marketing. What won’t marketers do to sell their gadgets? The Huawei P9 / Canon DLSR photo debacle is still very fresh in our mind.