LG G6 to gain facial recognition support in June

LG unveiled its flagship G6 a month before Samsung in order to get a head start over its competitor. Yet, the company is also working hard to make sure the G6 stays relevant once the Galaxy S8 hits the shelves and one of the steps it will take is match its competitor’s facial recognition support. LG is planning to deliver that when it launches LG Pay in June.

LG Electronics is partnering with facial recognition solutions firm Oez to deploy a 3D face-scanning technology. Both companies worked together in bringing contactless biometric technology to other LG devices such as the V20 and the G5.

When launched in June, LG’s in-house digital wallet app (exclusive to Korea initially) LG Pay will enable users to authorize payments just by looking at the phone.

It sure sounds interesting, but we have to wait and see if it will perform as well as it looks. Until then you can authorize payments on your G6 with the fingerprint scanner like some cave dweller from the distant past of 2016.