Lenovo Unveils New AMD-Based Laptops

After quite some time, we are starting to see new AMD-powered notebooks. Lenovo has now announced a pair of new ThinkPad notebooks that uses AMD’s Pro processors. The laptops are called ThinkPad A275 and ThinkPad A475 and both feature the seventh-generation AMD Pro processors.

In terms of specifications, both are almost identical, save for the different display size (12.5-inch on the A275 and 14-inch display on the A475). Both models pack up to seventh-gen AMD PRO A12 processors, AMD Radeon R7 integrated graphics, up to 512 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD, LTE-A mobile broadband, USB Type-C ports, fingerprint sensors and optional touchscreen.

The ThinkPad A475 is priced at $849, while the ThinkPad A275 starts at $869.