iPhone X’s 4K video compared to a Panasonic GH5

The iPhone X is making its way to the masses and with it, is a camera with excellent performance. It already got the highest marks from DxOMark for taking photos, but its video performance was also very good. The iPhone X is also among the first smartphones to be able to record in 4K resolution at 60fps.

Scores aside, Fstoppers on YouTube made a comparison video where the newly released iPhone X is pinned up against the Panasonic Lumix GH5. While that doesn’t necessarily mean a professional should buy an iPhone X instead of a camera, you may be surprised at exactly what kind of video the iPhone X can output. In fact, the host admits that professional videographers use (and have used) and older iPhone’s footage all the time in commercials.

At first, we can see how the iPhone’s footage holds a candle to the GH5’s in the short run. However, things change when zooming closer into the pixels. The iPhone X’s camera sensor is tinier by comparison and can only capture so much detail. This is where the GH5 was able to pull ahead.

However, where fine details may not even matter are on platforms like YouTube, which compresses the video anyway. So as long as you record on a stabilizer like a DJI Mobile, and as long as you have ample light such as outdoors, the footage will look really good. Low light is still a challenge for smaller cameras, so low light performance still looks better on the GH5 with its much larger glass.

The GH5 footage had to be color-graded out of the camera. But the host praised the iPhone X’s color rendering, which looked punchy and vibrant out of the phone and doesn’t need to be tuned in post-production.

We didn’t expect the iPhone X to be much better than the GH5 did, but when you consider the convenience of a smartphone, which is much easier to throw on a gimbal and start shooting, it has a certain benefit.