iPad Air 2 is without doubt one of the best tablets we have in the current market largely due to the incredible specifications and technology it features. And now, iPad Air 3 is set to be released later this year and is expected to come with even more jaw-dropping features. As expected, rumors are rife regarding what Apple will decide to incorporate in their next generation of iPad Air with various new features expected to be added to it. As such, here are some of the details we already know regarding the anticipated release of Air 3. All the information posted here is based on rumors and news coming from several fairly trusted sources.

iPad Air 3 Release date

iPad Air 3 is widely expected to be released in March this year with several sources claiming that the device will be released alongside the next generation MacBook. A large section of users expected the tablet to be released in September, 2015, only to be treated to the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro. So, again, we’ll have to wait for Apple to communicate the official release date, possibly soon.

Expected features of iPad Air 3

– Design

Little has been mentioned regarding the design this tablet will use, but chances are high that Apple will opt to maintain the same tablet size as that of Air 2. However, we expect the firm to cut on the gadget’s thickness with various rumors indicating that it might only be 6.1mm thick. Besides, there’s a probability that the tablet will come in three different colors; silver, gold and grey.

– Processor/RAM

iPad Air 3 is rumored to feature a more powerful processor, possibly A9 or the A9X variant. Both of these processors are more efficient than the earlier A8 processor in that they are more compact, power efficient and faster. Any of the processor used will be backed by a RAM of between 3 and 4GB.

– Display

According to MyDrivers, a trusted Chinese news site, the iPad 3 will come with a 9.7-inch screen with an incredible 4K resolution of 2,334 x 3,112. If this happens, it will indicate a huge improvement from the current best 1,536 x 2,048 resolution we have on iPad Air 2.

– Operating system

Air 3 is highly likely to run iOS 10 although we’ll still leave a room for it to use iOS 9. Currently, iOS 9 already supports great features such as Siri and Apple Maps, a more attractive keyboard, as well as a true multitasking feature for iPads. As such, we expect to see these features on Air 3at a minimum which means expectations are even higher if iOS 10 is introduced.

– 3D Touch display

air3One of the most outstanding features of the iPhone 6 is the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display. Unfortunately, this feature will probably be missing in Air 3 if various rumors are to be believed. According to a section of pundits, the technology has been causing Apple major problems with the iPhone 6 due to an issue with the supply chain for the 3D Touch components. As such, the firm might want to avoid it in this highly-anticipated release.

– Battery

With this tablet expected to feature a thinner design and chassis, a majority of analysts expect Air 3’s battery capacity to be compromised as a result. This will, therefore, mean that we could see a reduction from the 7340mAh battery capacity that iPad 2 incorporates. This will be a huge letdown for a majority of users that would have expected Apple to build on Air 2’s cell capacity to offer an even battery in Air 3.

– Camera

Several rumors indicate that Air 3 will mount a 13MP rear-facing iSight camera while also improving on Air 2’s 1.2MP front-facing time camera to mount a more powerful 2.1MP camera for the Air 3.

iPad Air 3 Expected price

In matters of price, a lot of factors are expected to come into play especially after recently released statistics showed that tablet sales have dropped drastically in the past year. This might prompt Apple to retain the prices it set on its Air 2 which translate to about $500 for the 16GB variant, $600 for the 66GB, and $700 for the 128GB version. Besides, users will be required to pay an extra $130 to add a cellular connection to their tablets.


Time is tickling fast and we’ll soon get an official communication from Apple regarding the release of Air 3. iPad 2 Air has recorded huge success thus far and we expect the Air 3 to follow the same trend once released. Remember to keep checking with us for the latest updates just as they come.