Intel Cannonlake-Powered Chromebooks Spotted Online

Due to AMD’s pressure and its latest Ryzen architecture, Intel has decided to launch its first 10nm chips earlier. Rumours say that we should see first processors based on Cannonlake architecture in either late 2017 or early 2018. Intel is already testing new chips and reportedly they are more than 15 percent faster than its Kaby Lake chips.

We can’t know for sure until we see first benchmarks, but just the transition to 10nm is going to be a big deal for notebooks and other devices that are powered by a battery.

Thanks to Chrome Unboxed, at least one Chromebook with a Cannonlake chip is on the way. A new device codenamed “Zoombini” was spotted in the Chromium Gerrit repositories running Google’s operating system and the description mentions that a chipset is being developed for Cannonlake.

The commit doesn’t tell us much about Cannonlake processors, but if Intel’s upcoming processor architecture makes it into Chromebooks, expect to see big battery life and performance increase.