Huawei Mate 9 Coming To The US On January 6

If you want to purchase the latest Huawei Mate 9 handset, then you probably can’t wait for 2017. The smartphone can already be purchased in the US from Amazon for $799 (64 GB) or $899 (128 GB), but the company will officially launch it in the country in 2017.

According to reputable leaker Evan Blass, Huawei’s flagship smartphone will be released on January 6, and is expected to be cheaper than Amazon’s.

Back in 2012, a congressional report recommended carriers in the US to avoid selling Huawei products because China might spy on American customers. The company immediately denied these allegations, but carriers in the US are still slow on adopting Huawei’s products. Since Huawei will officially sell the phone in the US, that means that at least one carrier will offer the Mate 9.