Huawei Mate 10 may cost over €900

According to a report from France, the Huawei Mate 10 will have a DeX-like feature – a mode that turns the new Kirin 970-powered flagship into a full-blown desktop. Allegedly, this will be done via a DisplayPort connection coming out of the USB-C port and being relayed by a dock.

Curiously, this may support any DisplayPort dock, not just the Huawei-made one. A recent promo was promising that the Mate 10 is not a smartphone but an “intelligent machine” instead.

Anyway, such goodness will not come cheap, we hear. Early (perhaps inaccurate) indications are that the Mate 10 Pro will cost €930-940 on the old continent – priced very close to the Galaxy Note8.

To be fair, the Mates may have the best dual camera on the market with Leica helping to open up both apertures to f/1.6. And the Kirin 970 is chock full of AI enhancements. Check back with us in a couple of weeks for the official launch.