HTC Vive Reportedly Outselling Oculus Rift 200%

Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, claims the HTC Vive is outselling Facebook’s Oculus Rift two-to-one. Much of the performance difference can be tied to the Vive being a more open platform, says Sweeney.

When you install the Oculus drivers, by default you can only use the Oculus store. You have to rummage through the menu and turn that off if you want to run Steam [the popular PC gaming app run by Valve Software]. Which everybody does. It’s just alienating and sends the wrong message to developers.
– Sweeney

Steam games like Doom 3 have helped the Steam-backed Vive perform better on the market.

Sweeney thinks open platforms are ultimately going to win. In the case of the Vive, it’ll have a “much better selection of software,” similar to other open headsets in the works.

He says over half a million PC-based VR headsets have shipped globally and a few million phone-based headsets have shipped. Revenue from software is largely confined to the PC-based systems.