HTC 10 again gets $200 price cut, valid until December 27

The HTC 10, if you remember, was officially going for $499 in the US recently. However, that deal – which also included free Jabra Move Wireless Headphones (usually worth $60) – was only valid until December 20.

In case you missed that deal for some reason, here’s a reason to cheer: HTC has again given the phone the same price cut, meaning if you purchase the device from the company now, you’ll save $200.

Sadly, the promo – which runs through December 27 – doesn’t include any freebies this time. Also, aside from unlocked, the deal is also available on the purchase of T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint models.

For those having specific color preference, it’s worth mentioning that red and gold colors are only available with the unlocked model.