Goggle does not reveal the revenue and profits it makes from its Android mobile OS. However, it appears like Oracle has revealed this well-guarded secret. Oracle’s lawyer revealed that Google has made about 22$ billion in profit and a total revenue of 31$ billion from Android. This happened last week during the ongoing lawsuit against Google by Oracle.

Google said this information is extremely sensitive information and it was only meant for Attorney’s Eyes Only. The California-based company added that this public disclosure can affect their general business adversely. The figures were obtained from Google’s confidential internal financial reports and documents.

Google urged the court to remove related portions from public electronic records during the last week’s hearing. The suit was filed in 2010. Oracle accuses Google of violating copyright saying that Google used their Java APIS o develop its Android Operating System without permission. Although Google maintained that APIS cannot be copyrighted, a lower court had rules otherwise in 2014. The same ruling was withheld by the Supreme Court and the ongoing differences are trying to settle for compensations that Oracle will get from Google.