Google promises to replenish the “Really Blue” Pixel stocks in the U.S.

It looks like both Google and Apple have trouble in meeting demand for some of their high-end products. When the Pixel phones were launched in the United States, the Really Blue version was sold out in just a couple of hours.

The Really Blue Pixel phones briefly appeared on Google Store, but for the most part it was out of stock, so getting one it’s quite hard these days. However, that’s about to change, at least for a short period of time.

The folks over at AndroidPolice have reached out to Google and asked them whether or not they plan to restock the Really Blue Pixel phones in the United States or the limited edition will be discontinued.

Previous rumors claimed Google has no intention of restocking the Really Blue Pixel phones, so many customers might have decided to go with the Black or White versions.

But there’s good news for those smart enough not believe these rumors, as Google has just confirmed that it will soon replenish the Really Blue Pixel phones stocks on the Google Store.

For the time being, the limited edition Really Blue Pixel and Pixel XL are exclusively available for purchase in the United States. However, Google plans to expand their availability in other countries as well.

Unfortunately, the search giant did not provided any details on when the second wave of Really Blue Pixel phones will be unleashed on the Google store. Also, we don’t know if the amount will be high enough to fulfill the high demand, so we’ll just have to wait and see.