Google Pixel and Pixel XL will receive software update right out of the box

It wasn’t entirely uncommon for a Nexus device to need a software update as soon as you pulled it out of the box. After all, it gives Google a chance to make any last minute changes to the software once it’s begun being distributed.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL will begin receiving an update starting tomorrow, once the phone is officially available for sale. The firmware update in question brings the note “improves Wi-Fi connectivity” and not much else. While this is a minor update, the build number only slightly changes from NAE63P to NDE63P. You should be prompted to install the update when first powering the phone on.

The news comes from Verizon who has already posted the phone’s most current software updates and their descriptions up on its website. It’s also safe to assume that Pixel users getting a fully unlocked version from the Play Store will also be prompted to install the update.