Galaxy Note8 for AT&T and Verizon is at least $150 off at Best Buy with installments

In what is sure to be a limited time offer, Best Buy has decided to let you save a minimum of $150 when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note8 for AT&T or Verizon. The big caveat here is that you have to use either carrier’s device installment plan to do the deed, since if you pay the full retail price you receive no discount.

If you don’t mind monthly installments, though, that’s a decent sum to be saving for what is still Samsung’s top of the line smartphone offering. If you choose Verizon as your carrier, you only pay $32.75 per month for the phone, down from $39. In total, you will be paying $786 for the handset over two years. Compared to the $949.99 that Best Buy is still charging as a full retail price for the Note8, that’s $163.99 in your pocket.

If you go with AT&T, you can choose to pay 30 monthly installments of $26.66, or 24 payments of $33.33. Those add up to $799.80 or $799.92, respectively. So in this case you save around $150 compared to going the full price route.