fastest android smartphone 2016

In today’s time, Smartphones happens to be one of the most selling products. Because of this growing demand, all well-known and well-loved manufactures are coming up with new and improved versions of their smartphone models every year. Speed of the processor is one quality that is essential to make a smartphone one of the best there is. Hence, all the big company like LG, Samsung and other such are using the latest android software to make their smartphone faster and better. And, here are some of the fastest android smartphone of 2016.

Fastest Android Smartphone 2016: Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi is yet again going to treat its customers with a great smartphone in the form of Mi6. According to sources, Xiaomi was secretly working on this model after seeing the success of its predecessor the Mi5. This phone has been built for multi-tasking as it boasts a powerful Adreno 530 GPU and a Qualcomm MSM 8996 Snapdragon 820 processor. The 4 GB RAM and the impressive expandable memory up to 200 GB via Micro SD card is also another reason why it is one the fastest android smartphones.

This phone boasts a large Quad HD display of 5.5 inches. The rear camera of this phone from Xiaomi is truly amazing as it happens to be of 23 MP. The front camera is 8 MP (1080p). It has the Li-Po 4130 mAh non-removable battery. The battery of the phone appears quite robust at least on the paper. As per the company claims, the battery has enough power to keep the phone running for beyond one full day.

Fastest Android Smartphone 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7

With this latest android smartphone from Samsung you are getting Octa Core Snapdragon 820 processor (64 bit Chipset). It has 4 GB RAM and comes with 32/64/128 GB along with Micro DS Card Support. Besides, the GPU is Adreno 530 and you will get Marshmallow OS (Android v6.0). So these are some of the reason to why it happens to be one of the fastest android smartphones around.

The design of Galaxy S7 is stunning and you are getting a 5.1 inch 4K display which is quite outstanding. The 5 MP front camera comes with Dual video call and the primary camera is 12.2 MP and comes with BRITECELL Sensors. The user of this phone will also enjoy the advantage of fast charging thanks to the 4000mAh battery.

Fastest Android Smartphone 2016: HTC One M10

HTC is definitely one of the best when it comes to coming up with android smartphones that are fast. Hence, this one is of no exception thanks to the Qualcomm 82x with 3.X Octa-core HMP cyclone technology and its 6 instruction per cycle capability. Playing high graphics games and other such tasks are made easy because this smartphone is packed with 4 GB RAM and 64/128 GB on-board memory option.

The design is definitely another feature that is worth mentioning. Besides this, it also comes with dustproof and waterproof certificate, 3500 mAh battery, 2k/4k resolution display, 27 MP front and rear camera and many such others.

Fastest Android Smartphone 2016: LG G5

This specific one from LG has an amazing platform which makes this one of the fastest android smartphones of 2016. G5 will have Android v6.0 OS which is also known as Marshmallow and it is currently the most desired version of android. Besides, this smartphones comes with Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 (Processor) and Adreno 530 (GPU). The internal memory is 64 GB with 4 GB RAM, but still LG Is providing expandable memory up to 200 GB (micro SD).

This 5.6 inches smartphone from LG has a 20 MP primary camera and also a 8 MP secondary camera. Some of the other fascinating features of this very smartphones are; fast battery charging (Quick Charge 3.0), advantage of optional wireless charging, document and photo/video editor, active noise cancellation along with dedicated mic and much more.

Fastest Android Smartphone 2016: Sony Xperia Z5

Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A57 and Quad-core 105 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU, Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 and Adreno 430 GPU are the reasons why this smartphone from Sony Xperia happens to one of the fastest android smartphone of 2016. This one has a 3 GB RAM along with up to 200 GB expandable memory via micro SD card.

This smartphone is of 5.2 inches and comes with 23 MP primary camera and 5.1 MP secondary camera. The Li-Ion 2900 mAh non-removable battery will ensure talk time up to 13 hours 10 minutes for 2G and up to 17 hours for 3G. The design is very aero-dynamic and comes in amazing colors like gold, green, pink, white and graphite black.

These were some of the fastest android smartphone of 2016.