Elephone P9000 Edge has dual microphone noise reduction

Elephone recently launched its annual flagship device in the second half 2016, the Elephone P9000 Edge with 2K JDI bezel-less 5.7-inch screen, dual camera and so on,which attracts a lot of the users’ eyes. In addition, the Elephone P9000 Edge comes with dual microphone noise reduction.

Dual microphone noise reduction means that the phone has 2 built-in microphones, one is designed to maintain stable and clear call while the other is used for noise cancellation. This becomes handy when you find yourself in noisy places where it suppresses external sounds and your voice reaches the other end clear. The noise-canceling microphone is under the flash at the back of P9000 Edge. With the dual microphone ambient noise can be reduced to its minimum, so even if you can not hear the person next to you, the listener on the phone can always hear you clearly. Very handy and definitely a standard feature all flagships should have.