Gone are the days where you could mine Bitcoin on a laptop or desktop GPU. Now mining operations are industrial server farms set up next to power plants and consume a huge amount of resources.
JSEcoin is a startup from the UK which has developed web browser based blockchain technology. Webmasters can mine the currency on their websites by placing a code snippet which carries out mathematical hashing operations in the background. Any hashes that are found get sent back to the blockchain servers and help secure the network. Webmasters are rewarded with the payment of JSE coins.

JSECOIN Mining process
The inefficiencies of traditional cryptocurrencies are being blown apart as excess CPU which isn’t normally used during web browsing is put to use. The platform launched in August 2017 and has seen exponential growth as webmasters and investors discover the technology and it’s potential.

JSECOIN Interfase
It’s not just for webmasters too as anyone can mine coins in their browser using the self-mining tool. This is a fun and interesting way to top up your JSE account while seeing the system at work.
Registration to the platform is currently open at: https://jsecoin.com/