Concept Image of Galaxy Note 8 with Dual Rear Cameras

Samsung revealed early this year that there will indeed be a Galaxy Note 8. The announcement doused the rumors saying the Note series had been cancelled due to the Note 7 mishap.

Following the announcement, we have received more info about the device which should launch in the third quarter of the year. There has been a leak of a possible schematics and specs of the device which greatly resembles the recently launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. There has also been a leak of the phone’s codename, “Great”.

One enthusiastic designer has put together a render of what he believes might be the Galaxy Note 8, using the info available at the moment.

There is not much to the image as it is obvious that this is just a Galaxy S8+ with a stylus. The only major difference is the inclusion of dual rear cameras, a feature absent on the new flagship but one that isn’t surprising either. The reason is because a few days ago, a real-life image of a dual camera Samsung phone bearing a sticker with the same model number as the Galaxy S8+ surfaced online.

The story behind the image is that Samsung initially considered launching the S8+ with dual cameras and even went ahead to make a prototype before shelving the idea. Does that mean that Samsung won’t make a dual-camera phone? Not at all. Actually they might have shelved it so that they can use it in the Galaxy Note 8.

The render is also missing a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a front-mounted one. So its either Samsung is copying Sony’s style and putting it on the side or it has placed it right under the display.