Both iPhone 8 And Galaxy S8 Will Have Next-Gen Wireless Charging Technology

We all know how annoying it is to charge your phone every few hours and to deal with all those cables. Luckily, most flagship phones feature wireless charging, but the technology is still a few steps behind standard charging technology and needs more time to fully charge a phone.

iPhone users have yet to find out how wireless charging technology can be super handy on a daily basis, but they will get that chance with the iPhone 8. According to BGR, a company called Energous have announced that they have taken a $10 million investment from another company called Dialog Semiconductor. While that doesn’t confirm anything, one of the Dialog Semiconductor’s top customers is none other than Apple. This isn’t the first report that suggested the wireless charging technology inside next-gen iPhones.

While Apple might introduce their first phone with wireless charging technology, Samsung has already been down that route. The company is now working on further improving the technology and is rumoured to include 3-coil charging technology inside Galaxy S8. Since the contact between the charging plate and the phone would be increased, users would be able to recharge the phone much faster.

We assume that there would be some other improvements as well, by both companies, but will have to wait for more information.